April 1-Monday
Deadline to Complete Theory Make-ups

April 2-Tuesday
Date that CM materials can be given to teachers
Postmark Deadline for Senior Bios and Branch Honors Applications

April 7-Sunday
Young Pianists’ Competition
Cal Baptist University

April 15-Monday
Deadline for Convention Applications Online
Deadline for teachers to apply for a Makeup Evaluation

April 20-Saturday
YPC Winners’ Concert
Hole Memorial Auditorium, La Sierra University

April 28-Sunday
Branch Honors Recitals
Coil School for the Arts
3890 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92501

*May 5-Sunday
Bach Regional Festival
Hole Memorial Auditorium, La Sierra University

*May 9-Wednesday
Steinway Winners’ Concert, 7:00 pm
Rancho Mirage Public Library, Palm Springs

June 11-Tuesday
Year-End Potluck
Home of Angela Rosser
2785 Garretson Ave
Corona, CA 92881

June 27 – July 2
MTAC State Convention
Santa Clara, CA

*Not a MTAC-sponsored event