MTAC Newsletter (February 2020)

President’s Message

It’s hard to believe it is already February. I’m sure all of us are busy preparing
students for various events. The VOCE competition was held on January 26th so the
first event of the year has already been completed. The month of February brings the
Inland Empire Piano Festival, the Rotary Competition and Bach Festival.

During such a busy time, it is important that we all do our part to support each other
and the events in which our students are participating. Please remember that it takes a
lot of planning and organizing to make these events a reality. The help of all
participating teachers is vital to the future of our activities.

Start planning now to attend the MTAC Convention titled “Collaborate, Create,
Celebrate.” It will be held July 3-7 at the Hilton by the Los Angeles airport. I hope we
can have a good representation there from the Riverside Branch.

Best wishes to all teachers and students in the coming months.

Linette Rodriguez


The deadline of January 15th has come and gone, and now we focus on the final
preparations for our students. At this point, no changes of any kind can be made
regarding repertoire, Branch Honors, Convention, carpool, etc. For important CM
dates, please access the CM Schedule from the RESOURCES ribbon in the website.
Here are some important reminders:

March 1 – Last day to input the theory score for Panel students. This means that the
student should have taken the theory test prior to this day. Please make arrangements
with Abe Fabella as soon as possible for your Panel student(s) to take this test if they
are in the Panel or YAG program and are not EXEMPT.

March 22 – Certificate of Merit evaluations, Riverside Branch

March 24–Scheduling for Makeup Evaluations (MUPs) will be available on the

March 30–Evaluation results available to parents

March 31 – Deadline to complete ALL theory makeups (except Panel, which is March
1). This applies to Makeup Evaluations (MUPs). Special arrangements need to be
made with Abe Fabella for these students to take their theory test.

April 2 – CM materials can be released statewide

April 2 – Deadline to send bio for graduating seniors to Abe Fabella. Teachers with
graduating seniors will receive an email with more details on this.

April 15 – Last day to complete Final Application for Convention students that plan to
go; the $30 convention fee is also due on this date.

Calling All Volunteers: As we all know, the smooth functioning of CM depends on a
great group of volunteers every year. Remember that community service hours can be
granted for those students who request it ahead of time. We are not only limited to
students but can use the help of adults as well. Any adult who would like to help out is
welcome to do so. Please have all potential volunteers contact Linette Rodriguez at
(951) 312-7733 or email her at
Please be sure to include as much contact information from both the student AND a
parent, such as email addresses and phone numbers. Linette will need this information
to contact the students for scheduling.

Changes: Please note that teachers are no longer able to drop students from the CM
program in the database. This function must go through the CM Scheduling Chair.
Please inform Kate Rubke-Foxworth ( if you have
any drops.

What’s next? What is the next step after entering the repertoire information and
choosing Branch Honors and Convention? There are no more deadlines (unless you
have Panel or YAG students) until after the CM evaluations. Here are some things you
can do, however, to prepare for the evaluations:
1) Start giving your students practice tests for theory. See where they need help and
address these weaknesses early.
2) Remember: New CM policy this year is the prohibition of using plastic keyboards
in the theory room. Please train your students to use only the keyboard printed
on the front cover of their theory exam.
3) Continue working with the students on their repertoire for CM, making sure you set
goals in order to meet the level requirements.
4) You can do sight-reading exercises with your students to prepare them.
5) Be sure the student is reviewing the technique exercises required for their level.
6) Communicate with the parent(s) if the student is not on track.

Here’s to a great CM experience.



The website is closing on February 2 at midnight for Bach Festival
registration. Our branch’s Bach Festival will be held on Sunday, February 23 at Hole
Memorial Music building, La Sierra University in the Band Room. Teachers should
send ONE CHECK with fees, any time requests or sibling information, and a list of
their students to Tatyana Maslova. Please see handbook for more information.


The Rotary Music Competition is coming up on February 16 at California Baptist University. The deadline to apply for the competition is January 24. This competition is open to high school students only. More information about this event can be found on the flier attached to this email. Contact Annette Guldhammer with any questions at (951) 313-4169, or email at


Our Spring Recital, and the last one of this school year, will be held on Sunday, March 1 at a different venue than we have been using. The event will be held at the All Saints Episcopal Church on 3847 Terracina Drive in Riverside (92506). Please be sure to let your parents know about this change early on, as many will assume it is in Hole Memorial Auditorium again. Also, all applications and fees for this recital need to be sent to Linette Rodriguez, 11879 Dellvale Place, Riverside, 92505. Application postmark deadline is February 17th. Allison Grubb is finishing her doctorate and will be in the process of finalizing her degree, so she will be taking a break from helping to organize our recitals.


Congratulations to Lindsay Patterson Abdou, daughter of branch member
Michelle Patterson, for her role in the chorus of Porgy and Bess. Lindsay’s
performance is being broadcast live across the nation from New York on February 1,
5, and 8.

We want to wish the following teachers a VERY happy birthday for the month of January. Enjoy your day to the fullest:

Huan Che 2/12
Miyang Kim Choi 2/15
Esther Heath 2/18



For those who would like to make announcements in the newsletter, please send all of your info to Victoria Wooldridge at by the 25th of the month. Thanks.

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