MTAC Newsletter (November 2019)

President’s Message

Fall is upon us, and with it a very busy season begins for our branch. I hope teachers were able to enroll their students in CM successfully. Be sure to read the CM section of the newsletter to keep up with all the important information prepared by our chairperson, Abe Fabella.

On Sunday, October 27, we had two Harvest Recitals, with a total of 34 students performing. Congratulations to all the teachers that participated and to their students for a job well done. A very special thank you to Allison Grubb for organizing the event. We have two more MTAC-sponsored recitals coming up, the Holiday Recital on December 15 and the Spring Recital on March 1. We encourage teachers to get their students involved in these events.

November seems to be a relatively quiet month, but there is a lot to prepare for during this time. Teachers should be preparing their students’ repertoire for CM, and, for those students that like a bigger challenge, for the various competitions that begin in early 2020 (VOCE, Inland Empire Piano Festival, Rotary Competition, Bach Festival, Junior and Senior Steinway Competitions and Young Pianists’ Competition). Remember to refer to your handbook for dates and information on these events.

We would love to hear what you, the teachers, are doing. If you have done any special performances or are planning a recital or other performance, please let us know. We would like to help one another by supporting special events or sharing the joy of a special accomplishment. This holds true for any outstanding students that have accomplished something special or are planning a recital or special performance. Look for the announcement in this newsletter for one such event.

Best wishes to you and your students during this busy season.

Linette Rodriguez


CANDLELIGHT CONCERT: If you are looking for a wonderful opportunity to guide your students to a wonderful Christmas program, La Sierra University’s Music Department always prepares an outstanding program the first weekend in December. The program features the orchestra, choirs, faculty and outstanding students. The concert is FREE and open to the public. This year the event will be on Friday, December 6 at 7:30 pm, and then again on Saturday, December 7 at 4:30 pm. Both concerts will be held at the La Sierra University Church, 4937 Sierra Vista Avenue, Riverside. Make plans to invite your studio families to this beautiful event that has been happening for over 70 years.

ORANGEWOOD ACADEMY CONCERT SERIES: This private high school has launched a new concert series, and their third concert this year will feature Matthew and Kathleen Gurning, students of Elvin Rodriguez, in recital. The concert will be on Thursday, November 21 at 7:30pm in the performing arts center of this school. The address is 13732 Clinton Street, Garden Grove, CA. Tickets are $20 at the door. Matthew and Kathleen have performed in many venues, including Carnegie Hall in New York and are frequent participants in national and international competitions. If you can go and support this concert series that focuses on exposing students to fine music, please do so.


CM ENROLLMENT IS ALMOST COMPLETED: The enrollment deadline for CM was October 31st at midnight. Hopefully no one forgot to enroll their students. It is important that parents log into their Parent Portal and pay for the CM fees. The deadline is November 5th. CM enrollment is not completed until the fees are paid for by the parent.

REPERTOIRE ENTRIES: The process of entering repertoire for your students is ongoing until January 15th. This is also the time to choose Branch Honors and Convention.

GET TO KNOW YOUR WEBSITE: All the information needed regarding important dates and procedures is on the website. The best place to explore would be under “Resources.” Teachers can also access the latest CM Newsletter with important dates from their Teacher Portal home screen. Take the time to familiarize yourself with these valuable tools.

PANEL INFORMATION: The dates set aside for Keyboard Panel this year are February 15-16 and February 22-23. The specific date for our branch is subject to
final confirmation pending enrollment numbers. Panel teachers will be notified directly by the Panel chairperson. And please remember that the theory test for Panel students that are not exempt must be completed before March 1st, so arrangements need to be made with Abe Fabella before that date. This date has been moved up from March 10th, so please make a note of it. The date for Voice Regional Panel students is February 29.

As always, please let Abe Fabella know if you have any questions on anything
regarding CM. Best wishes to all as you prepare your students for this year’s

We want to wish the following teachers a VERY happy birthday for the month of
November. Enjoy your day to the fullest:
Aniko Schueller – 11/10
Raejin Lee – 11/18


For those that would like to make announcements in the newsletter, please send all your info to Victoria Wooldridge at by the
25th of the month. Thanks.

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