May 2021

As another school year draws to a close, we all realize this has been no ordinary school year. All of us have stories that we can tell regarding this past school year: stories of sadness, triumph, discovery, relationships, new experiences, growth, and the list goes on and on. So as we look to end another school year in the next few weeks, I encourage each of you to take the time to reflect on what this year has been for you and how you may have grown in ways you never thought possible.

Last year, at this time, we had to cancel our year-end meeting. This year the board has decided to take our year-end meeting to an outdoor venue where we can all share stories and reconnect. The year-end meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 8th. The board members will meet at 6:15 pm, followed by 7:00 pm for dinner, a general meeting where we hope to welcome the new board members for next year, and just fellowship together. The venue will be announced via email just as soon as we have a good idea of how many plan to attend. Please RSVP to me by May 10th at LNRESR@GMAIL.COM and let me know if you would like to attend.

As most of you already know, Convention will be online again this summer, and the dates are July 2-6. I hope most of you have already registered. While it is not the same as being there at the event, having it online does allow anyone to be “present” regardless of where you are or what your schedule may be at that time. The event is available for about a month after the date, so you can always listen to the presentations, recitals, master classes, etc. after that date if you are registered. This year our branch has another Young Artist Winner. Matthew Gurning, student of Elvin Rodriguez, has been chosen to join the Young Artist Guild. Please consider seriously the opportunity to support the MTAC State Office in its effort of bringing a quality experience to us all.

May is also the month when our membership renewals are available. Remember that you must pay your membership by July 31st to be able to put students in the CM evaluations next year.

Wishing you all success as you finish your school year and begin planning for the summer schedule. Let us encourage one another to continue our quest of providing musical education to many students, giving them one of the greatest gifts—the gift of Music!

Linette Rodriguez

Certificate of Merit

You should have received an email from the State office announcing their decision to move Certificate of Merit completely online for next year and for years to come. I wish for you to read it thoroughly to see the reasons for the change. If you have feedback about the process of CM, I encourage you to send an email to Michelle Rumley, She is the CM Coordinator for our region of Southern California and will be your contact from now on regarding all things CM. 

It has been a privilege to serve as your branch CM Coordinator these past couple of years. As far as any branch events related to CM, (Branch Honors recitals, Senior medallion recognition, performance opportunities, live vs. online) I would be happy to field any ideas from you about how we shall continue with them in the future.

Have a great Summer!

Best regards,


Young Pianists’ Competition: Congratulations to all those who participated in the Young Pianists’ Competition this year! Be sure to see the attached list of winners so you can congratulate them and their teachers.

Happy Birthday!

We want to wish the following teachers a VERY happy birthday for the month of March. Enjoy your day to the fullest:

Christina Guin (May 10)


Newsletter Deadline

For those who would like to make announcements in the newsletter, please send all of your info to Victoria Wooldridge at by the 25th of the month. Thanks.

MTAC • Riverside County Branch
Victoria Wooldridge, Newsletter Editor
2005 Garretson Ave
Corona, CA 92789

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