MTAC Newsletter (February 2020)

President’s Message

Welcome to the month of Spring! Our busy season is in full swing, and I’m sure we are
all very busy preparing students for various events. The month of February hosted the
Inland Empire Piano Festival, the Rotary Competition and our branch Bach Festival.
Congratulations to all the winners and participating students of these events.

The month of March is quite busy with the following events:
March 1 – Student Recital at All Saints Episcopal Church in Riverside
March 8 – Steinway Junior Competition (at Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert)
March 15 – Steinway Senior Competition (at Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert)
March 22 – Certificate of Merit (at La Sierra University)

Convention registration opens on March 1st, so be sure to register to get the early bird
pricing. As a reminder, convention this year will be July 3-7 at the Hilton Los Angeles
Airport. This is a great time to be inspired and take a break from the daily routine. I hope many of you will consider attending this year.

Our biggest event of the year, Certificate of Merit, is just around the corner now. The
help of all participating teachers is needed as well as volunteers. Together we can get
through this busy day. Please note that there is a major need for more volunteers. Read more about that in the newsletter.

In this newsletter I would like to emphasize the great need we have for more help in
organizing our events. There is a small group of teachers that are doing all the work for
these events, and this is not sustainable. We are in need of someone right now to be
willing to train to be the Bach Festival chairperson for next year. In fact, in almost every event we host, there is need for the help of other teachers. Please, please consider
helping or some of these events will have to go away. We take pride that the Riverside
Branch MTAC organizes so many events for their teachers and students, but it cannot
be the same teachers doing all the work. Let me know if you are willing to help in some

Best wishes to all of you as you work with your students, and Happy Teaching!

Linette Rodriguez


CM Schedule: Schedules for CM have been published in the database as of February
27th. Teachers and parents can now view the schedule. Please remind parents to print
out the Check-in Voucher to take to the evaluation and present at the registration desk.
On this voucher are many different instructions and information. Please encourage
parents to do this for themselves, but if there is someone that is technologically
challenged, teachers can print these for their students. Teachers will also be able to
print out a master schedule with all their students listed on this schedule and their CM
evaluation time, room number, evaluation length, etc. To access these reports, log into, click on Certificate of Merit on the home page, then scroll down to the
5 th ribbon titled “Student Schedule”. Right under the title of Student Schedule, you will
see a grey box that says “Reports”. Click on the down arrow, and you will have several
options to choose from. The first one is your master schedule.

CM Job Assignments: The job assignments are currently being organized. You can
expect an email or phone call in the next 2 weeks or so.

Volunteers Still Needed: We need more volunteers. Remember that volunteers can
get community service hours for this, so please ask around to see if any past students
(or parents) can help. We would like at least half days of work to facilitate the schedule.
Please send any names and contact information to Linette Rodriguez,
(, our volunteer coordinator.

Lunch on CM Day: Sara Rosenthal and Jessica Higdon have volunteered again to
organize our lunch for the day. Thank you to both of them for their help in making this
happen. This year we will not need to ask teachers for a donation.

Status Changes: Be sure to inform Kate Rubke-Foxworth if you have any drops. Now
that the schedule is published, no changes can be made in the database, but it is
helpful for us to know if someone will not be showing up.

Branch Honors: Remember that our Branch Honors program will be a month after our
CM evaluations (April 26th). If you have students going to Branch Honors, you will need
to fill out an application. The Branch Honors application will be sent out via email right
before the CM evaluation date.

Teachers with Graduating Seniors: Just a friendly reminder that all prospective
graduating seniors that are planning on completing the requirements for their senior
medallion and award need to have a short bio prepared for the Branch Honors recital
program. An email will be sent soon to all the teachers with graduating seniors with
samples of bios. If you have any questions, please inform Abraham Fabella.
Congratulations and best wishes to all seniors!

On March 22, please arrive to Hole Memorial Auditorium (HMA), La Sierra University,
by 7:45 am unless otherwise instructed in your job assignment. Report to the
Conference Room to pick up your nametag and instructions for the day. There will be
maps of HMA available at the registration table. Important: please do not leave your
post during the day to meet up with your students or to listen to their playing outside the evaluator’s door. This is a recurring problem and disrupts the flow of the day.
Replacements for CM Day. If, for some extenuating circumstance, a teacher cannot
be present on CM day, he/she must provide a replacement and inform Abraham
Fabella immediately. Please do not wait until a week or two before CM to make this
known as it affects the whole workflow. The replacement must be someone that is not
scheduled to take the CM evaluation. Students enrolled in CM cannot replace a teacher
because then another replacement must be found to take over those duties while the
student is taking the evaluation.

Important Dates:
March 22 – Certificate of Merit evaluations, Riverside Branch, at LSU
April 1 – Deadline to complete ALL theory makeups (except Panel, which is
March 1st). This applies to Makeup Evaluations (MUP’s). Special arrangements need to be made with Abraham Fabella.
April 2 – Date that CM materials can be given to teachers
April 2 – Postmark deadline for senior bios and Branch Honors applications
April 15 – Deadline for Convention Applications online (remember there is a $30 fee for all convention students)
April 15 — Deadline for teachers to apply for a Makeup Evaluation (MUP). Remember that the theory must be completed by April 1st.
April 26 – Branch Honors recitals

Here’s to a great CM Day on March 22nd!

Abraham Fabella
CM Coordinating Chair


We have received very few names for the volunteers for CM. Now is the time to ask all
your current and perhaps past students who may be willing to help? Many need
community service hours, and we are happy to sign off on those forms. Please contact
Linette Rodriguez (LNRESR@GMAIL.COM) with the names of responsible students
that are willing to volunteer on CM day. Here are some important things to remember
regarding volunteers:

  • No students younger than Junior High will be allowed to serve as volunteers.
  • All full-day volunteers will be provided with lunch. If a volunteer is also taking the
    CM evaluation, please let Linette Rodriguez know so the work can be planned
    around that time.
  • Please provide the name, email and cell number of the volunteer, as well as the
    parent or guardian contact information if they are under age 18.
    Thank you all for your help in getting the volunteers needed for this year.

Linette Rodriguez
CM Volunteers Coordinator



The Bach Festival Regionals will be held on Saturday, May 30 at Salmon Hall,
Chapman University. Congratulations to the winning students and their teachers:

Winners (to advance to the Regionals)
Angela Fan (A. Olsen)
Kathleen Gurning (E. Rodriguez)
Matthew Gurning (E. Rodriguez)
Claire Howard (Y. Ku)
Rebecca Li (H. Che)
Amanda Liu (H. Che)
Mary Ma (H. Che)
Caitlin Pan (H. Che)
Ethan Pan (H. Che)
Isabelle Ragsac (E. Rodriguez)
Matthew Sakata (Y. Ku)
Annie Sheh (H. Che)
Alexa Vargas (L. Rodriguez)
Evangelyn Wuchner (Y. Ku)
Carey Yoon (E. Rodriguez)
Zoe Zhang (H. Che)

Honorable Mentions
Ziyue Bi (E. Martin-Hollaus)
Charlotte Haga (L. Rodriguez)
Lieve Haga (E. Rodriguez)
Zongren Huang (E. Martin-Hollaus)
Lily Kim (E. Rodriguez)
Yudhister Kumar (E. Martin-Hollaus)


We want to wish the following teacher a VERY happy birthday for the month of February. Enjoy your day to the fullest:

Annette Betts (3/29)



For those who would like to make announcements in the newsletter, please send all of your info to Victoria Wooldridge at by the 25th of the month. Thanks.

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Corona, CA 92789