MTAC Newsletter (June 2020)

It’s hard to believe it is already the beginning of fall, and we start gearing up as a branch for the activities of this new school year. A big thank you to all the teachers that showed up at our September 22 Zoom meeting. It was so nice to see each other, even if on a screen, and especially nice to welcome our new members. We had over 20 teachers at the meeting, so quite a good turnout for our first-ever Zoom meeting. For those of you that could not be with us, we missed you and hope you are doing well.

The various chairpersons of events took a moment to talk about the events they chair,
and to share with us important information. By now, every teacher should have received their Handbook by email where all the events are listed. If there are questions regarding any event, be sure to contact the chairperson assigned to that event. If you prefer a paper copy of the handbook, please contact Sara Rosenthal,

Our first event of the year will be happening this month on Sunday, October 25. Our
Harvest Recital has always been a popular one with the students, as they get to dress
up with their Halloween costumes. This will be, of course, a virtual event. All the
information needed for the event is in the handbook. Be sure to get your applications in
on time (October 16).

October is also the month where CM enrollment happens. This year it will be all online
and organized by the state CM Council. Look for emails with explanations of deadlines
and what comes next. The Resources ribbon in the Certificate of Merit section of the
website is a wonderful resource to receive all your important information for this yearly evaluation. Look there for answers to your questions before contacting your Branch Chairs. For those that are new, we are happy to assign a mentor to you to help you through this first year, if needed. Just reach out and let either Abe Fabella or Kate
Rubke-Foxworth know.

Best wishes as you continue touching the lives of students with the gift of music.

Linette Rodriguez


CM ENROLLMENT: CM Enrollment has begun. The database opened for enrollment
on October 1. and the DEADLINE is October 31 at midnight. Remember, absolutely NO
late enrollments are permitted.

MANDATORY ONLINE QUIZ: The State Office sent an email in September to all
teachers that includes a link to a 30-minute video presentation and the mandatory CM
Quiz. You must pass the quiz (70% or higher) before you are allowed to register
students for CM. The deadline to pass the exam is October 20. Take this exam early in
case you need another try to pass it.

COMMON QUESTIONS and TIPS: Here are some tips from questions that have come
up that may be helpful to you:

1) Email changes: If either parent or teacher needs to change their email, it must be
completed online in the “My Profile” section of the home page (top right hand corner).
Put your cursor above your name and the pop-up menu will show your options.

2) Parents must pay for CM online. For parents who do not feel comfortable putting their banking information online, they can purchase a VISA gift card and use that to pay for their evaluations.

3) The repertoire does NOT have to be in by October 31 in order for your student(s) to
be enrolled in CM. The things that you have to worry about between now and October
31 are: school grade, cm level, senior award, Panel/YAG. Everything else, such as
repertoire and convention choices, can be completed between now and January 15th.

4) Be sure to get familiar with your teacher webpage. There are many wonderful
resources available to you and the parents. The Welcome Letter to Parents and the
Setup Instructions to Parents are available there. These letters are also accessible to
the parents from their Parent Portal. However, some parents may not be familiar
enough with finding these resources, so you should alert them to look for these
important documents. To access these resources from your Teacher Portal, press the
Certificate of Merit box on your home page (when you log in) and you will see several
“ribbons”. Click on “Resources” and you will see these items listed there.

5) CM CALENDAR – The CM Calendar is now posted in the RESOURCES section on
the webpage. Every teacher should look at this for dates that pertain to their student(s).

6) WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP AFTER ENROLLMENT: Parents must pay online
between now and November 10. Please check the status of your students to be sure all
parents have paid. You may need to remind them more than once.

7) Sightreading WILL be a part of CM this year. We will receive more information about
how that will be administered by January 2021.

8) The Theory exam will be timed this year; just know that the State Office has assured
us that there will be ample time for the average student to complete it.

QUESTIONS? If you have questions or concerns regarding the CM syllabus, please
contact Abraham Fabella at ABEFABE@GMAIL.COM or (909) 800-9633. Email is
preferred. If you have technical issues with the MTAC website when it comes to the
online evaluations, upload requirements, etc., you may contact the state office directly


Please correct the following information in your handbook for Alma Batista’s address:

City should read Moreno Valley, CA 92552

If there are any other corrections to be made in the handbook, please notify Linette
Rodriguez (LNRESR@GMAIL.COM) and we will be happy to include it in the next


We want to wish the following teachers a VERY happy birthday for the month of September. Enjoy your day to the fullest:

Tina Whitley (14)
Anita Olsen (16)
Susan McConnell (21)
Eva Martin-Hollaus (28)



For those who would like to make announcements in the newsletter, please send all of your info to Victoria Wooldridge at by the 25th of the month. Thanks.

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