Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year, and another busy year for our MTAC Riverside Branch. Your branch board members have been hard at work to plan a wonderful year where we can all participate in various ways. Our students benefit most when we involve them in some of these wonderful activities. I encourage all teachers to make it a point to participate in some events.

We will be having our first meeting of the year on Tuesday, September 17th at 7:00 pm at our home (Elvin and Linette Rodriguez). The address is 11879 Dellvale Place in Riverside. This is a potluck event, so bring your favorite dish to share. At this meeting our new handbooks will be passed out and committee chairs will share their plans for the various activities this year. We encourage all teachers to come, get informed and welcome the new school year together. We will also be taking a group picture, so we would love to have as many of our members there as possible.

Please look at the calendar of events for reminders of important dates. Also, read the Certificate of Merit section carefully as there have been some significant changes in dates and procedures.

We use the newsletter to communicate throughout the year, but we would also like for the newsletter to be a place where we share important accomplishments or events. If you have a student that has accomplished something significant, or if you as a teacher are involved in something special, please share it with the rest of us. We would like to help one another by supporting special events or sharing the joy of a special accomplishment.

Best wishes to each of you as you embark in another school year.

Linette Rodriguez



Welcome Back! Hope your summer has been restful and you are ready to begin another year preparing your students for CM. Before you ask any questions, be sure that you have read all the emails that the state office has sent with regards to this year. You do not need to wait until October to add new students to the system. You can already start doing that, and we recommend you do so before the enrollment period starts on October 1st. Remember to refer to your RESOURCES section in your teacher portal for all the tools you need for CM this year.


This year there are several important changes:

Parents will now be able to pay their CM evaluation fees online the moment they confirm that their child’s application is accurate. No more waiting for the first week in November to pay!… which means, no more reminding our parents!

Make-up Performance Evaluations are now organized and administered by the State Office. Parents will sign up for them through their Parent Portal on the MTAC website. The fee will be an additional $80-100 (estimated). Theory Make-ups will still be administered by the Branch.

The Convention Theme for 2020-2021 is Dance Music.

Please do not hesitate to contact your branch chairs, Abe Fabella and Kate Rubke-Foxworth if you have any questions. And, look for more information regarding important CM dates in your Handbook, which will be passed out at the September meeting. Here’s to an awesome CM year for you and your students!


We want to wish the following teachers a VERY happy birthday for the month of September. Enjoy your day to the fullest:

Linette Rodriguez (September 7)
Tatyana Maslova (September 19)