MTAC Newsletter (January 2021)

Welcome to 2021. I don’t know about most of you, but I have been wishing for the New Year to come since April of 2020. But alas, all things do come and here we are in a brand new year. Musicians across the entire globe have struggled greatly in 2020 due to the unprecedented pandemic, but they have also become very creative in having their art shared via online sources. The same holds true for music teachers. It has not been easy teaching students virtually for this long, and the end is still an unknown. However, everyone has risen to the occasion in a commendable way. Hang in there, and keep up the very good work you are doing with your students.

This time of year is usually the busiest time of the year for our organization. We have multiple events starting at the end of January and stay busy until April or May. Be sure to read the newsletter each month for any last-minute updates. In the current environment, things can change from one day to the next.

A big thank you to Abe Fabella, our Branch Recitals Coordinator, for the student recital on Sunday, December 13 via YouTube. It was a lovely recital of piano and voice students, and we want to congratulate the students and their teachers for taking the time to send in those videos.

Our first event each year is our dinner meeting in mid-January. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we will be cancelling this event. We look forward to being able to resume this special time next year.

Here’s to hoping for a better 2021. Best wishes in this new year as you continue to work with your students.

Linette Rodriguez


The big deadline is upon us. Don’t forget to have EVERYTHING completed by January
15th. This means:
1) All repertoire entries must be completed
2) All Convention and selections must be made
3) All Panel/YAG information must be completed. This also includes the letter of intent for YAG students.

If you have questions about CM, once you log into your home page at
click on “Certificate of Merit,” “Resources” and you will see a list of resources to use. Be
sure to read the CM Newsletter, found at the bottom of the list under “Resources.”
There is a lot of important and helpful information in these newsletters.

Best of luck as you prepare for this busy time of the year!

Remember that January 15th is also the last date to revert back to regular Advanced
CM. After that date, the student will have to go to the Panel evaluation or forfeit CM
altogether for that year. All Panel/YAG teachers will receive emails directly from the
Panel/YAG chairperson. Be sure to follow all instructions received from these emails.
Wishing you the best as you prepare your students. Until then, Happy New Year!



The website is now open for Bach Festival registration. It will remain open until Monday, February 1. As of right now, the plan is for our branch’s Bach Festival to be held on Sunday, February 28 at Hole Memorial Music building, La Sierra University. If the Covid situation continues, our options are 1) having closed auditions (no audience), or 2) a complete virtual event. More information on that will be forthcoming, so look for that information in the January newsletter. Teachers should send ONE CHECK with fees, any time requests or sibling information, and a list of their students to Elvin Rodriguez, the new Bach chairperson. Please see handbook for more information.


Our Spring Branch Recital, and the last one of this school year, will be held on Sunday,
March 7 at the All Saints Episcopal Church on 3847 Terracina Drive in Riverside
(92506). Send all applications, fees, and possibly videos (if the event is virtual) to Abe
Fabella. All the information is in the handbook. Keep a lookout in next month’s
newsletter for updated information on this event.

Happy Birthday!

We want to wish the following teachers a VERY happy birthday for the month of November. Enjoy your day to the fullest:

Elvin Rodriguez (1/1)
Victoria Wooldridge (1/8)
Elizabeth Beck (1/17)
Cindy Abts (1/21)
Jim Gaytan (1/26)



For those who would like to make announcements in the newsletter, please send all of your info to Victoria Wooldridge at by the 25th of the month. Thanks.

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